Baadbe Crypto Tokens

Baadbe pink movement ...

Symbol Mosaic ID 1E4967BAADB8E757

Signum Token ID 3936590663226717979

⭐ Baadbe ("Barbie") crypto tokens were created using the New Economy Movement's Symbol blockchain and Proof of Commitment Signum blockchain. ⭐
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1 Baadbe = 1 TIMAH
Qora asset 192 Price

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1 Baadbe = 1 TIM
Ardor-Ignis Asset ID

1 Baadbe = 1 Mosaic 1E4967BAADB8E757
ID Alias :
Symbol blockchain

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1 Baadbe = 1 Reward Point
AITWAY's Store
catalog for the Reward Points

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1 Baadbe = 1 YAWTI (ID 6677338997603346027)

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Baadbe and YAWTI future planning
An ERC20 Token
at Ethereum blockchain

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1 Baadbe = 1 YAWTI (Beam privacy asset ID 108)
Decentralized Exchange(Beam App)
NPH is Pegged to USD

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1 Baadbe @ Signum = 1 TIMAH @ Signum
TIMAH Token ID : 11675697751571400618
BAADBE Token ID : 3936590663226717979
Signum blockchain

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0x web3 Screen Space
QNS /0x owned by okchai

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1M YAWTI/GPS[X:Y] about $1
/i World map
Ocean Blue Area
QNS /i owned by okchai

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50K YAWTI to add a line or edit it
/i/a to /i/z The Index
QNS /i owned by okchai

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gas fee tokens
give away

You can obtain free Baadbe at the AITWAY's store through Reward Points system and use it as redemption points for products in the store. Baadbe Token is worth buying only if you have a use for it, such as using it to exchange for Qora to set up your own Web3 or to exchange for Okchai's Web3 service products. Okchai does not encourage hoarding, HODLing or speculating on Baadbe tokens. If you keep some Baadbe tokens but never use them, Okchai thanks you for your support and trust but encourages Baadbe holders to sell on available DEXs if the total value is above a dollar. To show your support, just keeping 1 Baadbe​ or less is enough to send a signal.


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